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Igeenz helps businesses deliver delightful experience across channels. Our conversational AL Platform uses advanced NPL and ML to automatically resolve customer issues with natural language.
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Integrations for Your Workflow​

Since we started using the WhatsApp automation tool, our customer service has improved dramatically. We can now respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently, which has resulted in a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

- John

( Owner of an Max )

Real-Time & Asynchronous Collaborat​

As a small business, having the ability to automate our WhatsApp communications has been a game-changer. It saves us a lot of time and resources, and allows us to focus on growing our business

- Rachel

(Manager of a ADIB )

Infinite Canvas to Flow Your Versatile

We were looking for a way to improve our customer service, and the WhatsApp automation tool has been the perfect solution. Our customers now receive prompt and accurate responses, and we’re able to handle a much larger volume of inquiries with ease
Director of a MyIndia Travels

Enterprise-GradeSec urity to Personal

The integration of the WhatsApp automation tool into our business has allowed us to provide better and more personalized customer service. Our customers love the quick and convenient communication, and it’s made a huge difference in customer retention for us.
Owner of a Satvak

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