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Conversational AI for Customer Support

Building Delightfull Support Experience

Igeenz helps businesses deliver delightful experience across channels. Our conversational AL Platform uses advanced NPL and ML to automatically resolve customer issues with natural language.
Working Happily with Over 10320+ Clients Worldwide

CRM and Ticketing Software

Access your CRM while paying undivided attention to your customer queries. Verloop.io integrates with about 10+ CRM platforms to offer that seamless customer experience for you too!

Marketing Analysis

HubSpot provides a unified platform for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Display information about existing lead, create new leads if they don’t exist, and do more.

Blazing-Fast Speed

Use LeadSquared, your one marketing automation and CRM solution to increase closures, manage pipelines, and attribute ROI accurately to people, lead sources, marketing activities etc.

Fresk Desk

Automate repetitive work, streamline customer communication, and collaborate faster with Freshdesk.


Zendesk is one software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams


SAP C4C provides a robust solution with prepackaged integrations, mobile interfaces,and strong social features.


Use Oracle to track (in real time) analytics, customer success and support, customer complaints and a variety of other CRM functions.


Enable your customers to make their payments swiftly via a secure payment gateway. Verloop.io integrates with some of the most trusted payment apps like CCAvenue, Razorpay, and Xendit.


Accept payments from all credit and debit card networks from customers in various countries with Razorpay.


CC Avenue creates convenient checkout experiences for your customers on the channels preferred they prefer.


Simplify checkout processes by accepting and managing payments, creating customised invoices for your customers using Xendit.


Seamlessly connect your marketing tools to automate actions and expand the functionality of your services. Sync data in real-time and eliminate the need for back and forth between systems.


Build amazing mobile experience by combining real-time analytics, a powerful segmentation engine, and a suite of engagement tools with Clevertap.


Use the largets aggregator of B2B intent data Bombora to understand when your customers are ready to purchase your product.

Web Engage

Use WebEngage to craft personalised campaigns to engage your users through Push Notifications, In-app Messages, SMS, Web Push, Emails, WhatsApp, and FB.


Leedfeeder turns anonymous visits into leads with this website visitor tracking software.


Lookup the location of your visitor’s IP Address to personalise content, enrich forms, target ads, enforce GDPR compliance and more with ipdata.


Capillary is your customised and cloud-based customer analytics marketing platform made for retailers and consumer businesses.

Messaging Channels

You need to be where your customers are. And honestly, your customers are everywhere!


Route all messages from your WhatsApp to your Verloop.io account. Read and respond to all your customer messages from one place.


Use Facebook Messenger to deliver timely messages during your customer’s purchase journey, continue conversations and do more on the platform your customers love.


Build scalable automated and live support on Instagram through Instagram API. Start delivering accurate, blazing fast and secure support to your customers.

More Apps

But that’s not all. Verloop.io also integrates with a multitude of other apps ranging from Google sheets to Zapier to Shopify, etc to complement your Martech stack.


Bring in all order information of your customers from Shopify to your support platform. Deal with support tickets, see status of current and past orders, and do more from a single console


Access customer information easily on Magento – such as shipping addresses, invoices and order info – all from your Igeenz Solutions.io account.

Igeenz Solutions offers cutting-edge conversational solutions that can help automate your business processes

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