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Igeenz helps businesses deliver delightful experience across channels. Our conversational AL Platform uses advanced NPL and ML to automatically resolve customer issues with natural language.

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Igeenz Solutions Takes User Privacy Seriously

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Role Based Access Control

Delegate Access Levels Based on User Roles

Quickly add and change roles while also providing employees with varying levels of access based on their roles. Give administrators better visibility and limit access to employees to decrease the risk of breaches and data leakage.
Multi-factor Authentication

Authenticate Users via Identity Verification

Fret not if your users choose a weak password. By authenticating their identity you can allow your users to verify their identity to gain access to your app and hence mitigate the ripple effect of compromised/weak credentials. Increase employee productivity by allowing employees to use their preferred devices without being tied to the office.
PII Compliant

Protecting Users’ Personal Identifiable Information

Igeenz Solutions.io is serious about data protection. We ensure that any information that can be used to identify, contact, or locate an individual, either alone or combined with other easily accessible sources is strictly prohibited to public availability valuing our user privacy.
GDPR Compliance

Adhere to General Data Protection Regulation

EU users, rest assured that your information doesn’t get lost, stolen or otherwise released into the hands of the unauthorized. Igeenz Solutions.io respects the safety of data owners and is obliged to protect it from misuse and exploitation.
Data Residency

Protect Your Sensitive Data Geographically

From localising the data to storing and processing it, everything happens in accordance with the laws specific to your region. You never have to worry about expanding globally as Igeenz Solutions.io securely manages customer regulated data in x countries.

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